What is the truth, the reality of 
 illness? How should we treat 

This illness, the truth of illness, from the qigong angle is for a short moment , a loss of balance. We always loose balance,always like this, always changing (balancing hand back and forth). And sometimes, loosing balance, too much , like this (showing going further away from center). But still we can return to balance. This is the real life state: everything is always moving, always changing. But the doctor, sometimes, we loose balance, like here, like high blood pressure, going up, we go to doctor and doctor says: Oh, you have high blood pressure. Your whole life you have to take pills. Then this fixes the illness (showing that the balancing stops and hand remains on high point). Then doctor says every day you take pills otherwise it will get worse in the future, worse and worse. But this is not true. Truth is : every day, every moment (there is) change. Even people get cancer, dangerous ,and still it can change. I have many patients. Some people I follow nearly 30 years,some people 20 more years. Before , they got intestine cancer. Some patient, 20 years ago, got this intestine cancer. Then doctor says it’s dangerous. Then the hospital gives up. Then this lady, she practices, practices never stops. Now this lady is 82 years old. The cancer never came again. It’s also in our city. I led many retreats. Before many retreats, six people got different cancers. But they still live . Open mind state, good information. Everything is possible. Diabetes, high blood pressure, joints problems, stomach problems… many many problems- totally repair, no more. I always tell the patients: what is illness? Illness is illusion! Because every moment there is change,change, change…. Second part of question : the reality of illness is energy and information blockage. We never focus on physical. We focus on energy blockage . This is truth. So when you practice, you are more focusing on energy and space. Let opening, flowing. Energy and space, opening, flowing. When energy is abundant, flowing well. Then some illnesses totally disappear. Some illnesses when we open this energy state , Qi abundant, flowing well. Illness totally disappears. But another , maybe 70% of illnesses, connected to our mind. Separate state (?) . Then from this qigong angle , we see this illness also like a hidden story. A blockage story. So this illness, hides something, like a trauma, like hurt, like some emotion from a long time ago, it always stays inside. (Closed) Like for this kind of illness, we need for healing, to clean body emotions. Also clean mind , separateness, some story. Some story needs to flow. So what is truth? Truth is blockage. And blockage and something hidden, a blocked story. So this is illness. The qigong way is that illness, this illness is a very good signal . This life signal tells us: maybe something is wrong. Maybe our life state may be wrong. Maybe its a relationship? Too tired… hurt too much… maybe our life’s purpose goes the wrong way, then body illness tells us: you re going the wrong way! Return, return! Return to the normal way. So from this angle we need to be grateful to them illness. This illness gives us the chance to recognize our life state, our relationship state. When you are grateful, then you accept . [you say] : Oh, thank you illness. There you totally accept illness, then mind purpose returns inside. To check what happened. If people accept illness, no fighting, no fighting, accept , no fear. This is where the real healing starts. So from qigong way, we see the illness as a help

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